Troy: The Whole Shebang

Michael Derry

Price:  $40.00


The complete collection of "Troy" comics. Set in a slightly fictional version of West Hollywood, CA., quite possibly the gayest, little city in North America, “Troy” follows the everyday trials and tribulations of Troy, a “typical,” young, urban, gay guy. The themes, however, are universal enough for anyone who's ever felt friendship, love, infatuation, lust, jealousy, or gone through a bitter and painful break-up at the hands of a psychotic ex can understand. The tone is, at times, rather sarcastic!


One of the longest running, regularly published, gay comics, "Troy" ran from 1998 to 2012 in numerous LGBT publications and websites throughout the world. All 301 strips (plus one new one) are included here on 160 pages of full color.


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